Volunteer Resources

The success of IEEE is largely due to an active membership willing to volunteer their time and expertise toward the betterment of the society. Volunteer opportunities include serving on technical committees, becoming involved in a chapter, being an executive member of the section. On this page, you will find a number of resources for volunteers.

Training for IEEE Volunteers: This training consists of Quick Start training modules for key local IEEE volunteer positions. These modules provide volunteers with practical information concerning their volunteer position so they can carry out their duties and responsibilities associated with their position of leadership. Each Quick Start module emphasizes the most important things that a particular volunteer must do to be effective in the position. In addition to the Quick Start module, a number of references are provided to assist the volunteer in performing his/her duties as an IEEE volunteer. These references, located in the Learning Library on the Center for Learning Excellence (CLE) site, expand the volunteer’s knowledge and understanding in a number of areas.
For more detailed information about the IEEE CLE, please visit the IEEE CLE Learning Library.